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roll call

Hi, just wondering who else may be on here.  I'm new and would appreciate some tips!

yes,   thank you!    It helps to talk to others and get tips.  I don't have the time to sit thru tutorials,  but I do take time, however, it will be a week before I get back to it and, well, what's the saying, "if you don't use it you lose it".   Anyway, I will one day be proficient in it, I'm certain.


There are many ways to learn the system

Our solutions/Q&A database is located at

Our YouTube video library is located at

In the upper right hand corner of the system, you will see a bell.  If you have unwatched or there are new tutorials, there will be a yellow circle with a number present.  Those are on-screen tutorials you can take advantage of.

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Let us know if we can help further.

Thank You


Jasper, There is a way for you to enter retainers. I do it all the time. There is also a video on how to do it. But briefly here: go to Invoices enter 1 (item) not hours, them in the dollar/amount field enter a negative number. Let’s say your client gives you $500 retainer, enter that as $-500.00. So your invoice will have one item of -500.00. In the description you can call it whatever you . I call it “retainer received” make sure to use the date you received the retainer (not the date of entry) just to keep your records straight. The negative number, for you indicates how much of the retainer has been used, or not used, however you want to look at it. Let’s say your first bill is $100 for research documents.. you enter that as invoice item, the invoice amount will now show -400.00. In terms of your email issue, it will work. Don’t get discouraged. But it sounds like something that you will have to be stepped through maybe on the phone... And I’m still figuring out how to do stuff. When I figure it out it works great. Hope this helps Steve

that give me hope, lol.   So, did you watch the videos to learn?   I wish there was a class!   I am playing around with entries however, they don't seem to communicate with other forms on the system.  example, I entered a contact and a case with an email     The email with the portal was sent to client, however, nothing was entered on the report.   Also, having problem with putting in retainers and getting amounts subtracted out.   Is that a possibility or do I have to learn excel as well, lol

Jasper, I have been using Crosstrax for several months. I switched from PI DirectLink (before they were taken over) and I really like this system. It is a bit cumbersome at timnes but I think that is only because it is so customizable. You really can make the system work for you.

Let me give you an example. When I am working a surveillance , while out in the field I make my case updates in my mobile phone. When I get home, I go to my PC and case updates have transfered the appropriate info into the invoice section. It also added the appropriate info in the reports section. in a matter of a couple minutes I have a professional report and invoice ! It's an awesome system. If there is a complaint its that they have too many options , you wont use them all. LOL 

Hello all, Brad from CROSStrax.  Just above this forum there is a bar that says "How may I help you today".  Enter what you have a question about there and find help fast.  Jasperprivatei, when you first signed up you received an email with your login address and username.  Once you login, you can click on Clients and add away!   If you ever have a question you cannot find the answer to, click on the red Support button on the bottom left part of the screen and we will get back with you quickly.

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how in the world do I log on to this in order to start adding clients???

hi chad, great to see some life on here, lol.    I thought I would cancel this and go with Access, but on second thought I'm going to learn this and stay in.  maybe we can get some more action on here.   have you added any data yet?

Hi Jasper - I'm also new here. It looks like the forum may be a new feature recently added. I too have a lot of initial questions about some features and hope that this can be a resource for us to utilize. I don't have a lot to offer currently as I'm also a novice but I'll keep checking here for updates and offer whatever I can.

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