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roll call

Hi, just wondering who else may be on here.  I'm new and would appreciate some tips!

Hi Jasper - I'm also new here. It looks like the forum may be a new feature recently added. I too have a lot of initial questions about some features and hope that this can be a resource for us to utilize. I don't have a lot to offer currently as I'm also a novice but I'll keep checking here for updates and offer whatever I can.

hi chad, great to see some life on here, lol.    I thought I would cancel this and go with Access, but on second thought I'm going to learn this and stay in.  maybe we can get some more action on here.   have you added any data yet?

how in the world do I log on to this in order to start adding clients???

Hello all, Brad from CROSStrax.  Just above this forum there is a bar that says "How may I help you today".  Enter what you have a question about there and find help fast.  Jasperprivatei, when you first signed up you received an email with your login address and username.  Once you login, you can click on Clients and add away!   If you ever have a question you cannot find the answer to, click on the red Support button on the bottom left part of the screen and we will get back with you quickly.

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