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Adding Photos and Subject Drop-downs

Hi. So, I have two issues that Id like you to look at.

1) I am unable to add photos to my subjects. I did it before and I even reviewed the video tutorial (just in case I was not doingit properly) but I still have no luck. I even shut down and rebooted my computer. The system allows me to upload photos into the pot file. Then, when I go to the subject and select the drop down list of photos, I get a "No Photos Avaliable" message. Except, the photos are in my photo files.

2) I have been customizing my subject fields and I have added drop-downs. but everytime I try to edit the case, it causes the dropdown list to clear and I have go to the subject area and make aselection. For example, I have added "gender" as a field. I have a subject in the case witha gender field. I select the gender, finish all the entries and submit. All is good, But, when I get more info that I want to add t\o the case, I select edit case make my edits and the system tells me that I must select a gender..again! and it happens on the customized dropdowns only.

Thanks in advance



I am going to convert this to a support ticket so our team can look at both issues.

Thank You


Thank you, Tina and the rest of the support team! You guys rock!
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