CROSStrax makes generating reports the easiest part of the investigation. Report Entries are blocks of information that will be added throughout the investigation. Service notes will be the building blocks of all of your reports.

To start, you will see that we have added ten (10) preconfigured Report Entries. They are as follows:

  • Preliminary Facts and Preparation
  • Investigative Details
  • Telephonic Communication
  • Interviews
  • Still Photography
  • Pending Investigation
  • Exhibits
  • Other
  • Summary
  • Surveillance

Your company may prepare unique reports and you may want to log different information. For instance, if your business primarily performs background investigations you may want specific Report Entries related to the elements of each background investigation you perform such as, Criminal History, Civil History, Federal Criminal, Federal Civil, Bankruptcy, etc.

To create a new Report Entry, click the Settings icon on the left side of your screen. The next screen will populate and you will need to locate the section with the heading Investigative Reports (pictured below) and select Report Entry. On the next auto-generated screen you will find a green button labeled "Add Report Entry Type" in the top right-hand corner. 

You will now be directed to a new screen which will give you the opportunity to create a new Report Entry and a description for the entry but only the Title is a required field. Once you've added the new Report Entry Type, click Submit.

Now that you have created your new Report Entry Type, all you need to do is tell the system which Case Types it should be available for.  To do this, click Settings, then Case Types and add the new Report Entry Type to the Case Types you want it to be available for.

Have additional questions? Submit a ticket and we'll get right back with you.