To add or edit your company's information, click the dropdown in the upper right hand corner.  Select Account & Billing.

 In the Company Information click Update Company and add missing information or update what has already been added.

This section will allow you to add or edit the following:

  • Name - The name of your company.  This field will be displayed throughout your system, and on various email notices that are sent.
  • Address 1 & 2 - The address of your primary place of business.
  • City - The city of your primary place of business.
  • State - The state of your primary place of business.
  • Zip - The zip code of your primary place of business.
  • Country - The country of your primary place of business.
  • Phone - The main phone number for your business.
  • Fax - The main fax number for your business.
  • Email - The general email box for your business.
  • Website - Your website address (if you have one).

  • Storage - This will show you how much storage your account is using.
  • Branding and Logo Image:  
    • You can add your logo here.  Click on Update Company, then choose your logo file from your computer.  This logo will be used throughout CROSStrax and will be visible to clients and investigators.

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