During an investigation, it's possible to have just one client to communicate with but it's also possible you may have multiple points of contact. For instance, you may be hired by an insurance company who wants their defense attorney and insured involved in all communication.

CROSStrax allows you to create as many client types as necessary. You can also add as many clients to a case as you need to to ensure seamless communication with each. 

Create a New Client Type

To add new client types, click the Settings tab in the left side menu, then click Client Types

You will be taken to the Client Type page. Once there, click on Add Client Type in the upper right corner of the page.

You will now have the opportunity to create a new Client Type by adding the name of the new Client Type. Once you've added the name of the new Client Type, click Submit to complete the entry. The new Client Type has been added.

Edit a Client Type

To edit a client type, click the Settings tab, then Client Type. Select the client type you would like to edit by clicking the edit icon to the right of the service (see below). From there, edit the client type as you would when you created the service originally as the functionality remains identical.

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