Note: If you are new to the concept of roles, it will be beneficial to read An Introduction to Permissions, Roles, and Access Groups.

The primary concept of a "Role" is a pre-configured set of permissions that control the way someone can interact with CROSStrax. You can create as many roles as you need to effectively control each user's access.  It is best practice to create roles that match the different job titles your employees have, as this makes it easy to configure default permissions based on their job functions.

Need to know what modules the permissions control? What permissions can I control in Roles and Access?

Creating a New Role

To create a new role, click Settings in the left side menu and click the Role and Access link. You will be able to add an Employee Role or an Investigator Role by clicking on the green plus icons just to the right of the corresponding titles.

You will now have the opportunity to create a new role by adding the name of the new role. Once you've added the name of the new role, click Add New to complete the entry. The new role has been added.

Edit a Role's Name

To change the name of the role, click the edit icon (see below) next to the corresponding role, edit the name to what you desire, then click Update. The new role name is now listed.

Manage a Role's Access

To manage a roles access level, click the Manage Access icon (see below) next to the corresponding role. Edit the access level to the modules that are displayed. The new access levels will now be listed.

Remember: Once you've made the change in the access level, click the checkbox (see below) to complete the change.

Check out this video to learn more about Roles and Access

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