CROSStrax attempts to automate even the most mundane tasks. Our pre-written content feature will save hours of report time each week for your investigators and staff.

See also: Creating and Editing Pre-written Content

In order to save our users time, we've created a section within CROSStrax that stores "pre-written" sentences, blurbs, and even lengthy paragraphs you frequently use when documenting your assignments or sending emails. 

For instance, if you use particular content to document a phone call, you may want to add the following blurb under Telephonic Communication:

"On {{Date}}, at approximately {{StartTime}}, Investigator {{InvestigatorLastName}} called {{TelephoneNumber}}, known to be associated with {{Location}}, and spoke with {{Name}}. The conversation lasted approximately {{Duration}} minutes. During our conversation,"

The words inside the {{ }} brackets are variables and can be added to the pre-written content when the content is created to collect information from the case.

When it's time to add content to a report entry, a summary, or even an email, look for "Choose from existing template" (see below) to select from the available pre-written content you've added.

After clicking "Choose from existing template", you will be able to select from a list of available titles. Click the appropriate title and the corresponding content will be added into the dialogue box where you can leave it as is, or make necessary edits.

For more information on Pre Written Content check out this video

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