This video tutorial goes over the System Email templates and how to add and edit for your needs.  If you prefer written instructions, see the text version below

CROSStrax comes with pre-designed email notifications called Email Templates. Although you can edit the contents of the emails, in order to maintain the integrity of the information, you can't add or edit the function of these administrative emails.

To view the email templates, click the Settings tab in the left side menu, then click System Email

You will be taken to the Email Template page. Once there, you will have the opportunity to edit an email by clicking on the edit icon to the right of the template (see below). From there, edit the email content or make active/inactive. Once complete, click Submit. The new changes have been added.

Active or Inactive

When the email is active, the email is live and will work when triggered in the system. If you select inactive, it will render the workflow process of the email dormant and this email will not be used anywhere in the system.

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