There is a great tutorial video on this topic.  If you prefer written instructions, please see below

CROSStrax contains a comprehensive case note system (Case Notes) in each file that follows the file and allows documentation throughout the course of the investigation. Note Types provide each case note with a point of reference that helps identify why the note was entered. You can create as many note types as you need to effectively sort your case notes.  It is best practice to create note types that match departments, work responsibilities, or third party identifiers for easy sorting of notes.

The following note types have been pre-configured and cannot be edited or deleted.

  • Summary    
  • Objective    
  • Pre-Investigation    
  • Email    
  • Other

Creating a New Note Type

To create a new role, click Settings in the left side menu and click the Note Types link. 

You will be taken to the Case Note Type page. Once there, click on Add Case Note Type in the upper right corner of the page.

You will now have the opportunity to create a new note type by adding the name of the Note Type. Once you've added the name of the new role, click Submit to complete the entry. The new note type has been added.

Edit a Note Type

To change the name of the note type, click the edit icon (see below) next to the corresponding note type, edit the name to what you desire, then click Submit. The new note type name is now listed.

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