To create a new client, click the Clients tab in the left side menu, and then click Client List from the sub-menu. This will bring you to the Client List page. In the top right of the page, click Add Client.

If your client is an individual, you can still add them as a client. When you click add client, it will take you to the add client screen. At the top of the page check the box Not a Company. This will allow you to enter a person as the client, rather than a business.

You will now have the opportunity to create a new client by adding the following:

  • First and Last Name - The name of the person who is your client.
  • Email - The email for your client.
  • Password - After you type the clients name and email, the system will auto generate a password that can be emailed to the user by checking the box, "Send new username & password to this user"
  • Address - The address of the company or organization. Start typing the address into the box that says "Enter a location". Once you see the desired address, select it from the menu and the system will auto-populate the rest of the address fields.
  • Phone - The primary contact number for this client.
  • Fax - The primary fax number for this client.
  • Salesperson - The "default" salesperson that is assigned to this client.  You can easily customize the salesperson at each location, as well as on each contact that reside at each location.  If no salesperson is defined at the contact or location level, the default salesperson is assigned (if it is populated). 
  • Website - This field is for informational purposes only.

Once you've completed these steps, click Submit to complete the entry.

Have additional questions? Submit a ticket and we'll get right back with you.