In the upper right hand corner of the screen the system has various icons and notifications to keep you aware of system functions.

When you click the chat icon, you can communicate with other employees logged into the system.Click here to chat with other system users

Click the calendar icon to quickly access and view your calendar 

Click the tasks icon to preview your tasks.  These are grouped into On Time, On Task and Late.  The number above the icon indicates the number of late tasks a user currently has.

The Summary Icon gives you an overview of New Referrals (Cases) from Clients as well as case referrals from Public Clients.    This drop down also shows you the number of investigator applications you have received.

The envelope icon will take you to the list of case related emails that are unable to be automatically associated with a case.  This is typically a result of the subject's name and/or file-claim number not being present in the subject line of the email.  

Click on the bell to access on screen tutorials that help new users learn the system.  These walk-through tutorials guide a user through the various system features.  The number by the bell indicates the number of walk-throughs a user has not viewed or completed.

There is a video that goes over all of the navigation and menu items of the system