If you run a search under the "invoices" tab (located under cases on the black sidebar), you can pull an excel sheet for "invoice detail export".

In the "Invoice date" boxes, put the dates you want to search, click the blue search button and then click on the arrow next to "Export to Excel". Choose "invoice detail export" and choose the items you want to show on the excel sheet. You will need to leave "Total invoice amount", "$ per unit" and "invoice item" checked to see the retainer amounts and balance. 

On the excel sheet under "Invoice Item" you will see Retainer (if you have labeled the invoice item as retainer. If not, look for the name you placed your retainer under). Under "Total Invoice Amount" if you see an amount in parenthesis, then there is budget left from the retainer. If the amount doesn't have the parenthesis, then the retainer has been used and that is the amount due on the invoice. You will also see under "$ per unit" the amount of the retainer you received. 

If you get a "No Records" response, please check to see if the following scenarios apply:

If the files are not invoiced, they will not show on the report. When you enter a retainer, you will want to invoice the file after you have completed it. That way it shows the balance remaining on the file or what is left of the retainer.

What you can do is use the system Tags. If you create a Tag and name it "Retainer", you can then add the "retainer" tag in the file. You will then be able to search for all files with the tag "Retainer".

1. To create the Tag go to settings>Case Management>Tags
2. Select the green "add tag" button at the top of the page.
3. Label the tag "Retainer" and choose the color you want the tag to show as.
4. Then go to settings>Case Management>Case Type
5. Select the edit icon next to the case type.
6. Where you see "tag" add in the Retainer tag you just created and hit submit. You will need to go this for all case types to be able to use the tags in all your files.
7. After you add the retainer tag on the case details page of the file, you will then be able to search for all files tagged "retainer" in the search page or on the Dashboard.