1. To receive an email notification when a note is submitted into a case file first click on Settings in the left hand navigation bar and then click on "System Notifications" under System Settings. 

2. In the Admin tab go to either "Case Note added by Client" or "Case Note added by Investigator" and click the edit icon on the right. 

3. In this section you will need to fill out each field so the email notification can best fit your needs. You will also need to use the list of variables (red arrow) below the content box so the notification can describe what case file the note was added to. You will also need to add yourself (if you want) or any other specific user you would like to receive the notification, in this case "All Service Managers of a Case" is selected so with this scenario the assigned Service Manager to the file will receive the notification. Last you want to make this notification active and click submit. 

4. The same process above needs to be done in the "Case Note added by Client" section to apply to clients as well.