CROSStrax has a license repository that allows investigative agencies to keep track of their state licensing requirements and license images. When a license is getting ready to expire, CROSStrax will email you to let you know so you can take action.

To configure your state licenses in CROSStrax, click the Admin Settings link and then Client Licenses.

You will be able to add or edit the following:

  • Document Type - Here you will add the type of license, the default is State License
  • *Document # - The document # is the license number issued with the license. This is a required field.
  • *State - The state that issued the license. This is a required field.
  • *Expire Date - The date the license is set to expire. This is a required field.
  • Attach Copy - Here the system allows you to add a copy of the actual license for viewing through the system.
  • Address - The address of the licensing agency.
  • Phone - The phone number of the licensing agency.
  • URL - The website of the licensing agency. (This will also create a link to the actual agency for future reference and use.)
  • Description - A description of the licensing agency.

Once you've filled out the necessary data, click Add License at the bottom corner of the box.

If you need to edit existing license information, click on the edit icon (see below), you will then be able to add or edit as necessary.

Have additional questions? Submit a ticket and we'll get right back with you.