CROSStrax was created to help make the investigation process run smoothly. One way this is possible is through the use of Report Templates. Report Templates are just that; a template that can be comprised of the sompany's letterhead with an outline of what variable will go into a report. The variables will be various stationary facts of an assignment along with the Report Entry variables.

Create a New Report Template

To create a new Report, click the Settings tab,  and then Report Templates

You will be taken to the Report Template page. Once there, click on Add Report Template in the upper right corner of the page.

You will now have the opportunity to create a new report template by adding the following:

  • Label (required field) - The name used to identify this report.
  • Case Type - Now all you need to do is tell the system which Case Types it should be available for.  To do this, click in the Case Type box and select the Case Types you want this particular report to be available for.
  • Customize in Word- Users can now fully customize their report template inside Microsoft word by using our Variable bank in the Report Template settings (Image below). Once they are done with the customization users can upload the template by clicking "Choose File" next to Document Template.

Please reference the below Report Template webinar on how to make templates for CROSStrax.

Once you've added the new Report Template, click Submit.

Sample Reports

To help you get started, download the sample .docx Word document template below.  

Have additional questions? Submit a ticket and we'll get right back with you.