CROSStrax has the ability to integrate your email settings so that when you send email, the email comes from your email address.

To begin setting up the email integration in CROSStrax, click the Admin Settings link and then Integration Settings.

If you don't know your SMTP server settings, click here for a reference.

You will be able to add or edit the following:

  • *Server - Your email server. Click here for a list of common email server instructions.
  • *Username - The username for your email login.
  • *Password - The password for your email login.
  • *Use TLS - Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), both frequently referred to as "SSL", are cryptographic protocols that provide communications security over a computer network. Here you will need to select Yes or No.
  • *Port - Add your email port number.
  • *From Address - Add the email address you want to show as where you emails are being sent from.
  • *Automatically add *yourcompany* email in CC of email dialog for Case Management emails - By by using the email *yourcompany* with CROSStrax, you can send anything to your case notes in each case by simply emailing it to *yourcompany* When using email auto capture, make sure the subject of the email remains in the format CROSStrax uses.

Once you've filled out the necessary data, click Save at the bottom corner of the box.

If you need to edit existing email information, click on the edit icon (see below) it the Integration Settings area, you will then be able to add or edit as necessary.

Have additional questions? Submit a ticket and we'll get right back with you.